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Whitlow Enterprises USA Smoke School Schedule


Please note: This schedule is subject to change. If there is a change for a class you are already registered for, we will notify you of any change via the contact information we have on your company account.

       Nucor Steel conducted the only recent smoke school provider official EPA audits of all smoke school providers. Whitlow is the only smoke school provider that passed. Since our competitors did not meet the requirements of EPA Method 9, then your certificates are probably not valid, and your inspections will not stand up in court. We recommend that you register at least one employee for smoke schools on this schedule. All registrations must be made in advance and paid in advance if possible. We will eventually set up a contract to allow each state department of environmental quality conduct their own smoke school in April and October, with our equipment, training, and support. We shall audit each smoke school for accuracy.


Agenda: All smoke schools start at 8:00 AM, unless otherwise specified, with field training because of the low sky position in the sky. This reduces glare and helps you read the opacity correctly. The optional classroom will follow lunch (gumbo or jambalaya) we provide which is included in the cost. EPA recommends the classroom for all first time attendees, and every third year thereafter. All smoke schools are 1/2 day. We will feauture morning and afternoon sessions. When you register, please indicate if you prefer morning or afternoon.


Schedule Last Updated:   March 23, 2017

Good means the date is accurate, and we have reserved the facilities.

Not good means the date is tentative, but we need to reserve the facilities.

March 29, 2017                 Newport News VA               C2        Not Good

March 30-31, 2017            Camden NJ                         C2           Good

April 3, 2017                    West Monroe LA                 C1           Good

April 4, 2017                   Tupelo MS                        C1          Good

April 4-5, 2017                 Baltimore MD                     C2           Good

April 5-6, 2017                     Mobile AL                         C1           Good

April 7, 2017                   Birmingham AL                  C1           Good

April 10, 2017                   Pittsburgh PA                    C2           Not Good

April 11, 2017                 Private- Canton OH             C2            Not Good

April 12, 2017                    Bloomington IN                C2           Good

April 13, 2017                   Oregon OH                      C2           Good

April 14, 2017      Private School- Grand River OH     C2       Good

April 17-18, 2017               Frankfort KY                     C2           Not Good

April 19, 2017                    Owensboro KY                C2           Good

April 20, 2017                Private Hawesville KY          C2        Good

April 20-21, 2017               Little Rock AR                  C1           Not Good

April 26-27, 2017                     Louisville KY                    C2           Not Good

May 1, 2017                      West Monroe LA             C1           Good

May 3, 2017                        Private School 213           C1           Not Good

May 4, 2017                        Richmond VA              C2           Not Good

May 5, 2017                        Ripley WV                      C2           Not Good

May 8, 2017                        Private School 202           C2           Not Good

May 9, 2017                        Private School 209           C2           Not Good

June 1, 2017                       West Monroe LA             C1              Good

June1-2, 2017                      Private- Venice LA           C2          Not Good

June 7, 2017                        Private- Castleberry AL   C1          Not Good

June 12, 2017                     Atmore AL                      C1           Not Good

April 13, 2017                Private School Darrow LA      C1          Not Good

June 14, 2017                     Mandeville LA                   C1           Not Good

June 15, 2017                     Burnside LA                      C1           Not Good

June 20, 2017                     North Little Rock AR        C1           Not Good

July 3, 2017                       West Monroe LA             C1              Good

July 6, 2017                         Private School 131           C2           Not Good

July 6, 2017                         Private School 130           C1           Not Good

July 7, 2017                         Maysville KY                    C2           Not Good

July 10, 2017               Private- Waynesboro GA       C1              Not Good

July 11, 2017                Jacksonville FL                      C1              Not Good

July 11, 2017                 Bowling Green KY               C2              Not Good

July 12, 2017                 Lakeland FL                       C1                Not Good

July 13, 2017                Gainesville FL                        C1             Not Good

July 17, 2017                Private- Monessen PA              C2       Not Good

July 18-19, 2017            Henderson KY                      C2             Not Good

July 20-21, 2017              Grand Rivers KY               C2            Not Good

July 18, 2017                   Ville Platte LA                   C1           Not Good

July 19-20, 2017               Osceola AR                          C2         Not Good

July 21, 2017                   Pass Christian MS                C1          Not Good

August 1, 2017                 Chesterfield VA                C2         Not Good

August 1, 2017                 West Monroe LA                C1                Good

August 3, 2017                  Vicksburg MS                     C1           Not Good

August 7, 2017                   Wheeling WV                    C2           Not Good

August 7, 2017                   El Dorado AR                    C1           Not Good

August 8, 2017                 Private- Butler KY           C2           Not Good

August 9, 2017                   Franklin LA                        C1           Not Good

August 9, 2017           Private- Marion OH                      C2            Not Good

August 14, 2017                 Texarkana AR                    C1           Not Good

August 15, 2017                 Hot Springs AR                  C1           Not Good

August 16, 2017            Private- Hope Ar            C1              Not Good

August 22, 2017                     Destrehan LA               C1            Not Good

September 1, 2017                   West Monroe LA             C1           Good

September 1, 2017                Private Burnside KY           C2           Not Good

September 4, 2017                  Chicago Heights IL             C2            Not Good

September 5, 2017                  Private- Whiting IN           C2             Not Good

September 5-6, 2017               Baton Rouge LA                C1           Not Good

September 6, 2017                  Oglesby IL                         C2           Not Good

September 7, 2017                  Chetek WI                       C2           Not Good

September 7, 2017              Private Mathews LA                C1            Good

September 8, 2017                 Private- Baton Rouge LA        C1          Not Good

September 8, 2017                  Sherwood WI                   C2          Not Good

September 11, 2017                Bossier City LA               C1           Not Good

September 12, 2017                Columbus MS                C2          Not Good

September 12, 2017                Greenup KY                   C2         Not Good

September 13, 2017                Private Hawesville KY          C2        Not Good

September 13-14, 2017           Westlake LA                   C1           Not Good

September 14, 2017       Private School- Conesville OH      C2          Not Good

September 15, 2017              Cleveland OH              C2           Not Good

September 15, 2017                Alexandria LA                      C2          Not Good